There are many benefits to being a Pickup Site for the Organic Produce Box program. For starters, you are performing a valuable community service by providing a location for people to purchase certified organic produce that is fresher, more affordable and more convenient than store bought. And in return, you will be able to make money on every box.

You will also enjoy increased weekly traffic flow to your location and the opportunity to build better customer relationships, increase sales and promote the importance of fresh, certified organic produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are daily necessities for a healthy body, and play a crucial part in addressing the obesity and diabetes epidemics overtaking our country. Everyone will appreciate you providing them with the opportunity to add affordable, fresh, certified organic produce to their diet.

Who qualifies to be a Pickup Site? Individuals, health clubs, grocers, c-stores, spas, beauty salons, community centers... just about any location that has a little space for the produce boxes to be picked up from on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.  We’ll help you pick the day of the week and time that works best for your location. Give us a call to see if you qualify.

The Organic Produce Box program...

  • It’s easy – you just spread the word and we do the rest
  • All orders are placed online with organizational tracking numbers.
  • The produce costs less than store bought.
  • It is fresher than store bought.
  • More convenient than store bought.
  • Six box choices weekly – different sizes and combinations.
  • Weekly deliveries with required minimum group order.
  • Order only when you want.

Get Started Today... Call Us for all the details
Good for you! Good for your family! Good for the planet!

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