The Organic Produce Box program is one of the best employee benefits a business or corporation can offer. It fits perfectly with company wellness programs and green initiatives. This program is cost free for the employer and provides employees with the opportunity to conveniently purchase certified organic produce that is fresher and more affordable than store bought.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are daily necessities for a healthy body and play a crucial part in addressing the obesity and diabetes epidemics overtaking our country. Certified organic produce is highly nutritious and free from chemicals and pesticides. Adding fresh, certified organic produce to your daily diet is one of the most important steps you can take in maintaining a healthy body. Healthy people handle stress better, have fewer sick days and are usually more productive.

Our program is easily implemented and automated through the Organic Produce Box website. We do all the work! You simply let your employees know about our program with marketing materials we provide and then we take it from there. Your employees will be healthier, happier and appreciative of the opportunity to conveniently purchase affordable, certified organic produce.

The Organic Produce Box program…

  • It’s easy – you just spread the word and we do the rest
  • All orders are placed online with organizational tracking numbers.
  • The produce costs less than store bought.
  • It is fresher than store bought.
  • More convenient than store bought.
  • Six box choices weekly – different sizes and combinations.
  • Weekly deliveries with required minimum group order.
  • Order only when you want.

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Good for you! Good for your family! Good for the planet!

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