Our mission is to support healthy and sustainable living by providing individuals, families, businesses and organizations with the opportunity to purchase certified organic produce that is fresher and more affordable than store bought, from convenient pick up locations throughout our delivery area in the Chicagoland area and the greater Midwest.



  • Q: How do you know that our produce is 100% organic?
    A: All of our produce is Certified Organic which means our growers have gone through a three year, 3rd party verification process of their growing, handling and post harvest management processes including ongoing soil testing. In addition, all of our produce is delivered to and boxed at a local USDA Certified Organic distribution center that has been in business since 1991.

  • Q: Where does the produce come from?
    A: Our Certified organic produce comes from local, national and sometimes international certified organic growers. Everything depends on the season, weather conditions and availabilty. Each week on the order page, we list what is in each box and where it comes from so you will always know ahead of time what you are getting. Click here to see some of our growers.

  • Q: Why is it not all local?
    A: Due to the limited supply of certified organic produce available from the Midwest and the short growing seasons, it is necessary to use certified organic growers from other locations to provide you with weekly variety and year round accessibility to certified organic produce. As local demand for certified organic produce increases so will local availability. So through your ongoing purchases of certified organic produce you are contributing to the growth and expansion of certified organic farming in the Midwest.

  • Q: Where do I pick up my produce?
    A: We deliver to prearranged pick up sites that you will find listed here on our website.

  • Q: How do you become a Pick Up Site?
    A: If you are interested in becoming a pickup site there needs to be 30 or more people willing to order and pick up from your location. Pick up sites can be coordinated through individuals, schools, churches, groups, nonprofits, businesses, corporations and others.  Just about any location that has a little space for the produce boxes to be picked up from on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  • Q: Do you do home delivery?
    A: Not yet, however we are working on it. Home delivery raises the cost of the produce so we choose to use pickup locations to start with in order to provide you with the most affordable produce.

  • Q: Can I choose what produce I want in my box?
    A: Every week there are 6 different boxes to choose from, the contents of which will be listed on our website here. The box contents change every week based on the freshest arrivals from our certified organic farms. There are fruit only, vegetable only and combination boxes in a variety of sizes that are designed to meet the needs of families, couples or individuals.

  • Q: How often do I have to order?
    A: We provide weekly, biweekly and monthly deliveries so you can order when it is convenient for you. There are no contracts or obligations other than for the week you order.

  • Q: Do you deliver other products besides fresh, organic produce?
    A: For right now just produce. Once our produce program is in place we will start adding other certified organic food and grocery items as well as natural health products with our continued commitment to quality and affordability.

  • Q: What about delivery charges and taxes?
    A: Our prices are all inclusive so there are no extra charges for delivery or taxes.

  • Q: What happens if I miss my pick up time?
    A: Each site will have their own pick up hours. If you miss your pick up time you may lose your box as most sites don't have refrigeration or the space to hold your box. You need to contact your site coordinator to find out their rules pertaining to a missed pick up.

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